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Beadfest Philly  2017 & New Bead Shapes!

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I don’t know about you - but NEW bead shapes really energize my creativity! 

I am a self professed 2-holed junkie. I have tons of shaped beads and 2 or 3 holed beads - many in the same colors and coatings across numerous shapes!

I like to say a painter can mix her colors… I need to have the colors already there in my pallette. I find the easiest way to design with these new beads is to have coordinating colors with other shapes, because this way you are ready for whatever color or shape that your design needs as you work. 

Here’s a pic of some of the great stash I picked up at BeadFest. I found this selection of fun at Potomac Bead Company’s booth - which was gorgeous, by the way!

Clockwise - From top left - 

Silver: Nib Bits (these are like candy-corns, shape wise)
Gold: 3 holed BEAM beads (like bigger, thicker bar beads)
Silver squares: 4-Ceed beads ( Gahh!! so CUTE! )
Teal square: Mini Tiles (like Czechmates, only smaller!)
Teal V shape: Ava beads (a bit fragile but really striking in designs)
Light Green: Minos (par Puca) beads (made by the folks who designed Kheops)
Blue curved: Arcos (par Puca) beads (made by the folks who designs Kheops)
Metallic Green: Iris Duos (exclusive shape for Potomac Bead Co)
Metallic Purple: Zoli Duos (both left and right beads show - sold by ‘hand’)

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Here is a great card from Potomac Bead Co. that illustrates some of of the new shapes that were introduced in the last couple of years, too… Some you may have tried, others maybe you didn’t know they even existed! 

It really is a whole new world where beading is concerned… 

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